Duke Cannon Busch Beer Soap

Duke Cannon Busch Beer Soap

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Duke Cannon's idea of charcuterie is a plate of beef sticks with a bowl of flavored tortilla chips. And then washing it down with a cold, crisp Busch Beer. And then washing that Busch Beer down with a refreshing shower that includes Busch Beer.

You see, we added a hint of Busch Beer to this sandalwood soap so you can smell as clear and bright as mountain air. Head for the mountains ofĀ Busch Beer Soap.


  • At 10 oz., it'sĀ 2-3x the sizeĀ of common, dainty soaps
  • Yes, we really put deliciousĀ Busch Beer in the soap. The antioxidants in beer helps clean the skin.Ā 
  • Doesn't smell like beer, though. It offers aĀ warm, sandalwood scentĀ that is distinctively rugged, yet refined. (Smells similar to our Big Ass Beer Soap.)

Size:Ā 10 oz.